Tripod Crest to champion industry apprenticeship scheme

Much has been written about the skills’ shortage and the lack of appropriate training in the highways’ sector. With this in mind, Tripod Crest managing director Darren Stokes has arranged a meeting this month with surfacing companies of all sizes and professional bodies such as CIHT, CECA and MPA.

Posted 09.12.2015

Fuel review brings benefits to all

Over the last year, Tripod Crest has been working to reduce its carbon footprint and with assistance from the tracker system and robust reporting has also produced extensive cost savings.

Posted 08.12.2015

Tripod Crest welcomes new LGV legislation

This year has seen a number of legislative changes around speed limits and safety for LGVs. All of which have been welcomed by Tripod Crest, as the new rulings will hopefully mean fewer accidents and safer roads for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists as well as our drivers.

Posted 08.12.2015

Tripod Crest on call

Responding to emergency resurfacing requirements following accidents on the UK’s motorway network is a regular part of Tripod Crest’s work.

Posted 08.12.2015

Made to measure

“It’s like CSI for tyres,” cheerily quips Michelin Technical Manager Jeremy Wheeler, peering at the tread of a Michelin X MultiWay 3D XZE and pressing a pair of thin examination spreaders into the tyre’s grooves, “or a medical examination of a rubber and steel body. It’s fascinating.”

Posted 26.11.2015

Good work

Roadworks don’t generally garner compliments from the public, so when Tripod Crest received this one, we were understandably very pleased!

Posted 11.11.2015

LGVs In The Frame

Safe, responsible driving is a priority for everyone involved in our sector and Tripod Crest is now installing forward facing cameras into all its LGVs on a phased basis.

Posted 29.10.2015

Tripod Crest Launches Pioneering Training Scheme

Tripod Crest has launched a unique training scheme for operatives that could potentially save the business over £350,000 and has secured universal support from customers, employees and trade bodies alike.

Posted 29.10.2015

Highways Project Yields Savings and Learnings

A progressive collaboration between six highways’ businesses has resulted in a potential blueprint for future motorway maintenance – delivering increased output and utilisation of resources, with full use of available road space and achieving less disruption for motorists.

Posted 29.10.2015

September 2015 Newsletter

A quick round-up for all things Tripod Crest for September 2015. Check out our Newsletter.

Posted 07.10.2015