Fuel review brings benefits to all

Posted 08.12.2015

Over the last year, Tripod Crest has been working to reduce its carbon footprint and with assistance from the tracker system and robust reporting has also produced extensive cost savings.

Historically, the company has used around 360,000 gallons of fuel a year which is now being reduced by at least 5.5% by taking a number of measures.

From a cost perspective, Tripod Crest is of course benefitting from lower fuel prices but the business is also saving money by getting competitive quotes more frequently and completely avoiding motorway services. New fuel tanks were installed earlier in October, increasing capacity almost threefold from 14,000 litres to 35,000 litres – reducing deliveries to one a week and getting a better price in the process. Customers are being offered access to these fuel tanks too.

More fuel efficient vans and lorries are being introduced into the fleet, and all company drivers are being trained on more economical motoring.

Peter Going, Tripod Crest’s transport manager, is delighted with the improvements and savings: “Monitoring of fuel fills and vehicle usage have netted significant savings for us. Receiving full tanker deliveries will again reduce our ppl cost, with a projected ROI for the new tanks of five years. Our next task is looking at the idling time on vehicles.”

For further information, please email jo.salmon@tripodcrest.co.uk