Paving the way for south Dorset traffic

Earlier this year, Tripod Crest worked with Hanson on a £22million project in Dorset. The A338 forms a strategic transport link connecting Bournemouth to major trunk roads and the motorway network. It also provides the area’s 440,000 inhabitants with access to the mainline railway station and Bournemouth Airport.

Posted 06.10.2017

County Patching Works

Through utilising a Bobcat machine Tripod Crest have used less material and achieved a higher quality result. In turn, the road lasts longer and ultimately delivers whole life value.

Posted 12.09.2017

Flying high at East Midlands Airport

Towards the end of last year, East Midlands Airport’s 2.9km runway and taxiway tie-ins were totally resurfaced across five consecutive weekends, involving day and night shifts through 30 hours of activity within each 48 weekend possession.

Posted 12.09.2017

Low Loader Movement Services

Tripod Crest operates a comprehensive Low Loader Movement service that holds the registrations and accreditations to move operated plant and loads.

Posted 12.09.2017