Tripod Crest to champion industry apprenticeship scheme

Posted 09.12.2015

Much has been written about the skills’ shortage and the lack of appropriate training in the highways’ sector. With this in mind, Tripod Crest managing director Darren Stokes has arranged a meeting this month with surfacing companies of all sizes and professional bodies such as CIHT, CECA and MPA.

The plan is for everyone to get involved and Darren really hopes to generate the support and momentum needed for the scheme to take off. The core objective is to create a structured training programme that will produce working operatives working to industry standards that not only work to industry standards but go above and beyond.

We will be working in conjunction with Trailblazer, a government scheme which assists in developing standards for occupations in our sector.

Darren says: “My vision is to motivate more individuals to get involved with the industry and to feel they are joining a professional environment where the sky is the limit in terms of career development.

“I want to employ operatives with an all-round skill base, with a technical, practical approach. I want them to feel engaged and responsible – and for them to see that the more they put in, the more they will get out. This will, of course, mean huge benefits for surfacing companies and their clients, from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.”

Our next newsletter will report on the outcomes of the initial meeting including the actions and timings involved.

To find out more or get involved, please email Jo Salmon at