Digital Innovations

Posted 19.10.2017

Committed to bringing more digital technology and efficiency to the company, Craig is reviewing all current transport systems.

Having spent several years as a lorry driver, coupled with a number of logistics and service roles, Craig Wilmore is extremely well qualified for the job of transport manager.

Having driven every vehicle on the yard, he also has a really practical understanding of the fleet and a first-hand driver’s perspective: “I’ve been behind the wheel of all our vehicles, so I feel well qualified to make suggestions that will help the business, while making sure that any changes are good news for the drivers too.”

Digital defect reporting is a major new initiative that has been introduced by Craig, whereby paper reporting has been replaced by smartphone technology that allows drivers to log defects and get instant action. This is a great improvement for the drivers, and also helps with compliance for FORS and other accreditations.

Craig explains: “Health & safety and optimum levels of compliance are key priorities for Tripod Crest. This enables us to deliver the best possible service for our customers, who also want their suppliers to be efficient and environmentally aware.

“Digital defect reporting has streamlined how the fleet is run. Saving a lot of time as well as improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.”