A planer for all occasions

Posted 27.10.2017

Supervisor Russ Porter is a big advocate of smaller machines for specific jobs like footpath repairs, trimming around main carriageways, for example, and rural single track roads.

Tripod Crest offers a full range of planers from the very latest 2M machines through 1M, .5M and .350M – so we can fulfil jobs of all scales and sizes. The key is matching the right size planer for the right job.

“The best way to get the most appropriate kit and the right solution,” says Russ, “is to have a site meeting as early as possible, so we can come up with the best combination of vehicles and other services.”

“Being recognised as a trusted and reliable partner is really important for us at Tripod Crest, and so we always try to be proactive with how we work. That way, customers keep coming back.”