Digital Innovations

Committed to bringing more digital technology and efficiency to the company, Craig is reviewing all current transport systems.

Posted 19.10.2017

Brand new fleet

We are updating our look and fleet with a series of investments in new vehicles and changes to our livery.

Posted 08.09.2017

Investment in apprenticeships continues

Read how our apprenticeship scheme has been a real success with the two original recruits, Jake Hankins and Tom Astle, now established as vital team members in the workshop, and the third appointment, Megan Young.

Posted 04.09.2017

Delivering a Smarter Motorway Network

Completed Smart Motorway sections are now delivering a significant reduction in journey times as well as around 25% less accidents per year and a decrease of over 33% in the number of casualties.

Posted 19.07.2017

CECA-ing the Best in the Midlands

The CECA Midlands Council, of which Tripod Crest’s Jo Salmon is a Member, has now opened its 2017 awards looking for the best talent and greatest projects from the civil engineering contractors it represents.

Posted 19.07.2017

Safety First

Safety and wellbeing is paramount in all that we do at Tripod Crest. Which is why as part of this month’s training programme we will see 11 of our staff become first aid qualified.

Posted 19.07.2017

Investing in Skills

Much has been written about the shortage of skilled workers being a barrier to the growth of our sector. So the recruitment and development of apprentices is a vital way of bringing new people into the industry and addressing this gap, while providing long term, successful careers for young people.

Posted 13.06.2017

First Female Member for CECA Midlands

Tripod Crest’s Group Services Director Jo Salmon, a staunch advocate for women in construction, has become the first female member of the CECA (Midlands) Council.

Posted 07.04.2017